The mighty balrog

The Balrog is a mighty creature of great age and power. Awoken by eager Dwarven miners, the Balrog brought destruction to their kingdoms, overwhelming Durin and his doughty warriors in a series of terrible battles. Of all the evil powers in the world, the Balrog is amongst the most terrible and as one of the largest models in The Lord of The Rings game, is the perfect centre piece for an evil army. The Balrog is a flaming hammer of destruction with which to smite your opponent's army. With the highest fight value in Middle-earth, ten wounds, a host of special rules and almost complete immunity to magic, the Balrog is arguably the most formidable model in The Lord of The Rings Strategy Battle Game - only Sauron himself can match the Balrog's power. More than capable of destroying entire armies and all but indestructible, the Balrog is a truly terrifying addition to any Evil army. If you do decide to take a Balrog, you're probably not going to have much else in the army, as he costs a whopping 400 points. Make sure you get the most out of him by getting him into combat as soon as possible. It's also worth remembering that your opponent won't always have to kill the Balrog in order to win the game, so don't get so carried away rampaging through his army that you forget the objective.



            F   S D A W  C M W FT 

The Balrog 10/3+ 9 9 4 10 7 0 10 0

Wargear: Flaming blade and fiery lash Special Rules: Resistant to Magic; Terror; Fiery Lash; Ancient Evil


             Race Type M F S D A R C Mt 

The Balrog Spirit Monster 10 10/- 10 7 6 2 5 3

Wargear: Fangs, claws and a variety of conjured flaming weapons (hand weapon). Special Rules: Terror, Extremely Hard to Kill!