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Boromir, son of Denethor, is Gondor's boldest and most able commander, a master of all the skills of a warrior. As Denethor's heir, Boromir's life has been guided towards the distant day where he will ascend to the stewardship of Gondor.

Rules about UnitEdit

Boromir, Captain of the White TowerEdit

Race: </b>Man Type: Hero M: - F: 6/- S: - D: - A: - R: 3 C: 5 Mt: 6

Epic Actions: Epic Challenge, Epic Strike, Epic Sacrifice, Epic Duel. Wargear: Boromir can carry the Banner of Minas Tirith. Special Rules: Inspiring Leader (Men), Mighty Blow.


F: 6/- S: 4 D: 6 A: 3 W: 3 C: 5 M: 6 W: 1 Ft: 0

Wargear: Armour, sword, a shield and the Horn of Gondor Special Rules: The Horn of Gondor