An painted example of Gimli on Dead Uruk-Hai

Like all Dwarf-kind, Gimli, son of Gloin, is grim and plain speaking but also a doughty warrior. His courage and axe are equally valuable additions to the Fellowship on their journey

Gimli is featured in the following pack(s)


LOTR SBG(strategy battle game)

      F S D A W C M W FT 

Gimli 6/4+ 4 8 2 2 6 3 2 2

Wargear: Dwarf armour and Dwarf axes Special Rules: Axes of the Dwarves!


      Race Type M F   S D A R C Mt 

Gimli Dwarf Hero - 6/- - - - 3 6 4

Epic Actions: Epic Strike, Epic Rage, Epic Rampage. Special Rules: Inspiring Hero (Dwarves), Orcbane, Pathfinders (Mountains), Baruk Khazâd!