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The main Gondorian Forces

By the swords of the stalwart Warriors of Minas Tirith, the bows of the Rangers of Ithilien and the terrifying, ethereal power of the Army of the Dead, the lands of Gondor are kept safe from the armies of Sauron.

Gondor is the Homeland of Men in Middle earth. The Gondorian warriors are the main Good forces. They are good overall and a good choice for begginers.


Aragorn, Beregond, Denethor, Faramir, Boromir, Isildur, Prince Imrahil Of Dol Amroth, King Of The Dead, Arathorn, Halbarad, Pippin,


Recomended starting Point For GondorEdit

1. Purchase Aragorn, King Ellesar- A great hero Capable of defeating and army by himself.(well, maybe not. He still is good though) 2. Warriors of Minas Tirith These Grand soldiers are perfect army builders, But have a higher cost than Orcs. 3.Banners. lots of banners, Because of Gondorian warriors high strength, Why not get more rerolls? 4.Boromir A grand hero, Not to be forgotten. 5. Gondor In Flames Source Book, Painting guides, Scenarios, Stats for gondorian troops, Tips, Whats not to love? nowadays 25 bucks dosent get you much, but this is well worth your money. 6. Gondor Battlecry Trebuchet!- a perfect seige engine for destroying the forces of evil.