Legolas Foot And Mounted

Legolas is the son of the King of the Wood Elves and like all his people he is a deadly accurate and keen sighted archer. Of the Free Peoples, he represents the Elves as part of the Fellowship.

Legolas is found in the following packs.

Here is the stats for the typical Legolas.

SBG(strategy battle game)

         F S D A W C M W FT 

Legolas 6/3+ 4 4 2 2 6 3 2 3

Wargear: Two short blades and an Elf bow Special Rules: Woodland Creature; Deadly Shot


        Race Type M F S D A R C Mt 

Legolas Elf Hero - 6/- - - - 2 6 3

Epic Actions: Epic Defence, Epic Shot. Special Rules: Pathfinders (Master), Terror, Crippling Shot, Swift Strike