New Templates


How to use: {{Tooltip|<text=text to be displayed>|<tooltip=<hat shows up when you hover your mouse>}}
Example: {{Tooltip|<text=Example>|<tooltip=Popup Tooltip>}}
Makes: Example (It will not show on this page, click the link to template for example)
Notes: It may take a while to load the tooltip, so be patient if it doesn't show at first


How to use: {{New/Template|<Howto=how to use>|<Template=name of temp>|<Example=Example WikiText>|<Makes=What example turns into>|<Notes=Other info about this template>>}}</nowiki>
Notes: This template is for use on this page only.


How to use: {{DAYSUFFIX}}
Makes: Friday 15th
Notes: Returns one result, end suffix of todays date, e.g 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and so on.


How to use: {{Pageonly|ns=<namespace>|page=<page name>|talk=<talk page link, possible values=yes,no. Default=no>}}
Example: {{Pageonly|ns=User|page=Egyptianwhiteboy}}
Makes: Egyptianwhiteboy

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