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Mines of Moria set

An ideal first purchase for anyone new to wargaming or existing gamers who want to begin playing The Lord of The Rings Strategy Battle Game, the enclosed starter booklet has easy-to-follow examples and a step-by-step introduction to the game, while the rulebook contains all of the information you'll need to play the game proper. The two forces provided will allow you and a friend to begin playing right away - these finely detailed, plastic, citadel miniatures have been specially designed to allow you to quickly assemble a force, ready for your first battle. For existing The Lord of The Rings players, this set provides some unique scenery and a handy, pocket-sized rule book, great for taking along to tournaments and events.

This boxed game contains: 34 miniatures, a pocket sized The Lord of The Rings rulebook, a full-colour starter booklet, dice, templates and some plastic scenery.

Included in this set:

24 Moria goblins

The entire fellowship including: Boromir,Aragorn,Frodo,Sam,Gimli,Legolas,Gandalf,Merry and Pippin

And a Cave Troll