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Mordor Orcs

The stronghold of Sauron and his legions is a place of choking ash, of terror and dismay. Unleash the numberless Orcs, the monstrous might of the Mordor Trolls and the foul sorceries of the Nazgul: Break the armies of the Free Peoples and claim Middle-earth for the Dark Lord.

Consisting of Orcs, Mordor is your basic baddies.

As the personal army of The Dark Lord himself, an army of Mordor can contain a vast array of powerful Heroes, monsters and elite Warriors. But it is the legions of savage Orcs that form the backbone of Mordor's forces, without whose endless numbers the armies of Mordor would be unable to conquer Middle-earth.

Unit Structure Edit

Common Mordor HeroesEdit

Common Mordor HeroesEdit

  • Mordor Orc Shaman
  • Morannon Orc Captains

Mordor Troops Edit

Cavalry Edit

Siege/Monstrous infantry=Edit

Recomended Starting point for a Mordor ArmyEdit

1. Purchase The Dark Lord Sauron, he is your main hero(and also one of the best in game, his only competition is the Balrog. 2. Mordor Orcs. Lots of orcs. perferably about 3 packs(72 orcs!) (use these weak troops in large numbers to overwhelm your enimies!) 3. Banner Bearers/commanders.(about 4 in an army would be good.) Use these troops to gain rerolls when attacking! 4. Ringwraiths. Powerful heroes; Basicly undefeatable if you use them right. 5.Mordor Sourcebook. it's not essential, But it contains 72 pages of Mordor awesomeness including all the stats for troops, Hobby advice for creating the perfect army, Painting guides and scenarios! for 25 bucks, thats not a bad deal.