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The witch King

The Witch-king is the greatest and most feared of the Nazgul. Immeasurably ancient, and a sorcerer of prodigious power, the Witch-king draws his power from the limitless will of Sauron. The Witch-king is both a deadly strategist and sorcerer, his cloaked and armoured form a terror to all who behold it, and his presence upon the battlefield a horror that few can hope to withstand.



                 F S D A W C M W FT 

Witch-king 5/- 4 8 1 1 6 0-3 10-20 0-3

Magical Powers: Black Dart; Compel; Drain Courage; Sap Will; Transfix; Your Staff is Broken! Wargear: Sword Special Rules: Might/Will/Fate; The Will of Evil; Harbinger of Evil; Ringwraiths and the Ring; Terror


                Race Type M  F S D A R C Mt 

The Witch-king Spirit Hero - 6/- - - - 2 5 3

Epic Actions: Epic Strike. Special Rules: Spirit Grasp, Terror, There are Nine.